Snooker glasses that will enhance your game, not hinder it.

Are you finding it hard to pick off that single red from the baulk cushion? Are you missing pots that you used to get? Do you think your eyes are to blame?
Many Opticians offer snooker glasses as part of their service, in most cases these are off the shelf frames dispensed by someone who has no experience of the game.
I go more than just a step further.
My name is Chris Cheshire and I have been playing snooker for 30 years and qualified as an Optician in 2001. I have been custom making snooker glasses for more than 15 years for players of all levels, and my glasses are far from “off the shelf”. When designing your snooker glasses I will take into consideration not only your prescription, but many other important factors such as your head position, your stance and your natural viewing angle when down on a shot. I believe that I am currently the only Optician in the UK offering this level of service and customisation when it comes to making your snooker glasses.



We also supply specially compensated glasses for Pool players…..

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