Dennis Taylor is undoubtedly the pioneer of snooker glasses.

Dennis is seen here wearing a deep ladies frame that was fashionable at the time, but instead of wearing them in the conventional manor he has had the lenses glazed so that he can wear the glasses upside down! Glasses have come a long way since then, moving on to metal half framed designs with an extension at the top end.

These frames have their limitations and are inherently quite heavy with some prescriptions. Another version is a large fully rimmed frame that swivels to allow the lenses to be tilted to improve the position of the frame. Unfortunately these tend to work loose very quickly and move a little too much when you don’t want them to.

The frames we supply are a step on from this, entirely rimless and are adjusted to fit your head position perfectly. They are stable, they hold their shape well and with the right frame and lens combination are a delight to wear.

snooker glasses aristocrat rimless snookerspex
The shape and size of the lens is chosen with your cueing position taken into consideration, ensuring optimal visual comfort.