These are just some of the testimonials received so far…..

Hi Chris I just wanted to let you know that I finally received the package with my new glasses in it. I’ve only had the chance to play wearing them one time but the difference between the way that I saw a shot before with my old glasses and the way that I see a shot now wearing my new glasses is unbelievable. I can’t begin to tell everyone that had anything at all in making these glasses for me how grateful that I am to them for the work that they put in to do this for me. I figured that they would make at least a little difference in the way that I would be able to see the shot line of a shot but to my surprise it’s the difference between night and day literally. I think that I kind of made a few of my friends mad a little bit at me because I couldn’t stop trying to get them just to put them on even though they have never worn glasses in their whole lives. Many thanks to all of you for the great job that you did in the making of my glasses. May you and yours have a fantastic day, week, month, and years of the rest of your lives. Ron from USA


Chris has done a great job in making my glasses, I can now see perfectly well and most importantly he has installed confidence in myself to play the game I love. The frames are nice and the prescription I gave him, he created was what I needed, because I could not see long shots. Thanks so much Abnashi



Your key differential from everyone else I looked at is customized service… meaning the end result of engaging with you is a custom set of glasses tailored to fit my unique eyesight, facial dimensions, body height, stance, and cue delivery style. I was particularly impressed at your attention to detail in these areas even though we are on different continents. The glasses improved my game enormously.

The other vendors I looked at, especially the purely web based ones, have a very traditional “product” approach, giving me the feeling that I would place my order, get a standard pair of cookie cutter glasses, and make do. Also, several of the vendors I found from web advertising either don’t exist or no longer provide snooker glasses.

By the way, your “front desk” ladies are cheerful, friendly and very helpful.

Anthony from Canada


Hi Chris,
My snooker has improved since I started cueing under my dominant right eye. Made a 41 break last night which is pretty good for me.I travelled over 100 miles to see Chris, his attention to detail and the quality of his glasses were second to none.
I would recommend Chris to any snooker player who needs his help with Snooker Glasses.



Chris provided excellent service without even seeing me, Only had my prescription to work from. Glasses arrived and were a perfect fit with a superb case for keeping them safe.
Started the season in Sheffield played 5 won 4 getting used to the glasses straight away.
Would recommend to anyone wishing to keep their game alive.

Tony Higgins


Hello Chris

John is so enjoying his snooker thanks to your glasses, he couldn’t manage without them now. Thank you for your prompt attention in making the snooker glasses for my husband, they are perfect and so comfortable, and your attention to detail and delivery service was excellent.

Best Wishes

Gill Dawson


I always used to use a clip that sat under my normal glasses to lift my normal glasses into place, but they were always too small, and kept moving around which I found distracting. Since Chris made me my first pair of rimless snooker glasses, I have never looked back – they fit so well and are so light. Can’t recommend him enough.

Phil Thorne


Chris, you really went the extra mile to ensure my new snooker glasses worked just as they should. They have helped my game tremendously!

Craig Scotford


The snooker glasses my Optician made me were cumbersome and heavy. After a consultation with Chris I decided to take the plunge, and I couldn’t be more pleased. My new snooker glasses are half the weight of my old ones and the improvement in my vision has enhanced my confidence and my game.

I can’t thank you enough!

Paul Martin