If you are ‘presbiopic’ which means you currently need corrective lenses for both distance and wear varifocals lenses then you may be wondering if its possible to make snooker glasses in the same form.

Whilst I have tried in the past, my experience is that they simply don’t work properly. Varifocal lenses by definition vary in power across the lens surface, causing images to be irregularly stretched and displaced – just what you don’t want when you are playing snooker.

The better solution is to use a single focus lens and carefully choose the correct power to give the best possible range of vision, with the bias set toward the far end of the table. My theory has always been that it is better to be able to sight the object ball clearly at distance and have a cue ball that is very slightly out of focus than have a pin sharp cue ball and a red at distance that is nothing more than a blur!